We couldn't even think of a clever tagline. Move along now. Nothing to see.

This would be us, pimping our friends....we like them, so you should too!

Love's Bitch.com -
Home of our favorite prop celebrity, Frank the Snake.

Boils and Blinding Torment -
Buffy snark? You ain't seen Buffy snark. Reviews, posting boards, cheery postcards, and general mayhem.

PopGurls! -
Sparkly Dancing Boys! And, er, other things. But still! Sparkly Dancing Boys!

The Muses' Bitch -
Chrissy, the eeeevil photo girl. And other people. But mostly Chrissy the eeevil photo girl.

Television Without Pity. -
And you thought we had snark? Psh.

Tomato Nation -
Just 'cause her cats might actually be worse than Zoey. (Yes, that's possible.)