We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

Three hours to kill with a sane/psycho supergoddess..
~ Claris
Liz Phair & Evanesence help Claris pass the time...
This article brought to you by paranoia over airport security...

The NoDignity.com Holiday Album
~ Zoey and Claris
98 cents at Target + camera + Claris' twisted brain = Zoey's day from Hell.
Why, Mommy, why?

Helpful Holiday Content
~ Anya
Anya gives you the perfect card content for work or play, all in the space of about three days.
This memo is to encourage you to shut the hell up and stay out of my way.

Haven't heard of Joss Stone yet? Don't worry, you will.
~ Christopher Golden
Golden reviews the newest blues sensation - a skinny white British 16 year old girl.
You want to reccommend the musical crack, you'd better be willing to write about it too....

I'm Gonna Rock Your Bloody Vote if you're not careful!
~ Anya
Anya attempts to do her civic duty & vote for the first time since moving.
We're all so proud that she didn't leave any bodies behind...

Corporate News: We No Longer Have a Free Press
~ Darklady
There's a difference between what is news and what they let you know...
Public service or profit?

An anecdote a day....
~ Claris
Life is a funny thing.
No, for real!

It's not "soft porn" - it's "merchandising"
~ Claris, PDR & Godeater
Has anyone else seen Abercrombie & Fitch lately?
Uh... You didn't happen to direct me to a porn site, didja?

La La Land - A Year and A Bit in L.A.
~ Claris
Why did I move cross country?
Why the hell not?

From a Life Less Noticed to Heavier Things
~ Claris
John Mayer's got a new CD.
What happens when the loner becomes a rock star?

~ There's more where that came from...