Our sad little lives, your comic relief.

It's possible that we're merely a group of odd people that managed to find one another over the terrifying techonology that is the internet.

Or - this was all preordained, & we're going to inadvertently bring about the apocalypse. Either way.

  • Aardvark Lurve & Jipsy Girl's Ants...
    You thought Seska's vodka was bad...

  • Blame Claris Day.
    Yeah, see they thought it was a great idea in the beginning...
    Life is full of possibilities.....

  • Is it possible for an Ant to drive drunk?
    And if so - is Seksa responsible?
    Survey says...

  • Um, Hi there officer....
    RTBS goes the extra mile to make sure that NoDignity.com can reach its full potential.
    It's 10pm. Do you know where your Kum N' Go is?

  • The Nekkid Quidditch Match
    In honor of Harry Potter, we're going to show you what happens when Anya has too much time on her hands at work.
    (There's also the possibility she's just on crack. The tests aren't back yet.)

  • Mitosis vs. Sex
    Sam was having...issues. So we did....absolutely nothing to help. *shrug*
    A few simple instructions...

  • The RTBS Soul WITT
    We had far too much time on our hands. Ruffy had Britney Spears enslaved after a slightly botched Hottie Excursion to Canada. Things, just... well.. happened.
    Meet Ruffy's Bestest Bud ever...

  • A Bronzer Wedding.
    Freakin Physics class. And in the end, it was all Robyn's fault.
    (But kinda worth it to see the flower girl)

  • The Hall of Scorn.
    Have I mentioned the part where things are Robyn's fault? Robyn & I make Bastion aware of the error of his ways, and traumatize some other Bronzers while we're at it.
    (And Bastion - those genetically mutated ferrets? Still haven't seen 'em.)
    Scorn on the House of Ridley...