We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

Old Man Winter Is SO Going Down!

Well, last night... my optimism ran high. It was snowing, it was uber miserable and the roads were utter hell.

Of course, does this stops me from going shopping or to the gym? Am I too frightened by the threat of snow and ice on the roads? Me? Fearful? HA! Besides, I really needed to get gas and the tall-boots with minimum heelage for LA. Still, driving in that mess, I watched cars spin out, I saw cars flounder in snow and become stuck and my hopes rose, rose some more and finally reach the pinnacle of confidence that yes... Wednesday would be a snow day.

Snow days are holy, you know. They are the days when the humans of our cities look outside, shake their heads in disgust and give ol' man winter his due. We curl up inside with our duvets / comforters / blankets and snuggle with a big mug of hot cocoa, resigned to the fact that eventually we do have to go outside -- but not for several hours yet.

Toronto was hit with anywhere between 15cm - 30cm yesterday. Sadly, by 8pm, the snow dwindled to mere flurries and then stopped altogether.

This meant, since I had shovelled the driveway before going to the gym (Warm up exercises, right?), that when I woke up this morning, there was a mere patina of snow on the driveway, a vague ghost of what could have been. And, at 6:30am I flicked on the TV and tuned into Breakfast Television. Roads were slick, accidents all over the place from cars driving too fast, but clear. There wasn't snow falling.

My bitterness is deep. At 7:30 I game downstairs again, dressed for work and scowled at the world outside. How DARE winter disappoint me like this! How DARE it! A few years ago, under Mayor Mel, we were completely shut down with 30cm. This time, winter dribbled and drabbed it out over a course of a few days!

The right bastard! I want better than this! It's not fair, dragging us from our cozy houses and bed and insisting we go to work, only to start snowing and making life miserable in the afternoon / early evening. Then, it stops cold turkey so that the morning dawns without any closure.

I'm so diappointed. Words fail me.

*cough* the above would beg that last statement to be not entirely true...Just sayin'. -Claris

~ Anya
January 28, 2004