We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.


  • Note To Self: Manual Labor Is Hard
    ~ CBBro
    It was a good idea at the time....
    Missing bolts from the satellite? Who ? Not me!

  • If I think about this any longer, I'll be the one crying
    ~ Chrissy
    Who is the Judy bitch anyway?
    Chrissy dissects an oldie & decides not so much with the goody...

  • Today should not be about what it will be used for.
    ~ Claris
    Shove your bumper sticker up your ass.
    I don't need you to tell me what not to forget.

  • Group Activity!
    I gave an assignment. Some people completed it. Others - not so much
    ~ Particpants - our entire cast & crew. And Zoey.
    The Mission : 100 things about you.
    It's like peeking in the window, without being arrested.....

  • The Downfall of TV Repeats
    ~ DarkLady
    How Dick Wolf & Reality TV Are Destroying My Ability to Waste Time.
    No one is going to want to watch 66 hours of Survivor when we already know who won.

  • Damn you Frencesco Rinaldi, damn you to hell.
    ~ Claris
    Claris experiments with cooking..
    Maybe I should go back to the "will reward man who can cook with sexual favors" plan....

  • Five days, 3,000 miles, and Dead Man's Curve - Who Says You Can't Make a KIA can't do that?
    ~ Claris
    Claris drives cross country with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company..
    To my credit - every state I drove through is still there.. more or less.

  • Our First Interview! Chris Golden risks answering our questions.
    ~ Claris & Sam
    Domino's Pizza, how to crash your mom's car, and Buffy vs. Batman. Oh yeah - He's got a new book too..
    Little Golden Books.....

  • Where is your auction money really going?
    ~ Claris
    (a.k.a. Why Fox Sucks Ass) - updated.
    Poor, poor little network....

  • Once upon a time, I borrowed Frank the Snake from Mutant Enemy...
    ~ Claris
    No, that's not the punchline. That's the actual story..
    All right! Who got the Snake drunk & dressed him in purple underwear?

  • No, we're going to the other cool place in town. Of course we're going to the Bronze.
    ~ Claris
    You had to be there to get it. But I can give you my take..
    Have you licked Buddha's belly?

  • Sometimes, it's like Hell. But with more stripes.
    ~ Claris
    I was having a rather bad day at work, you see.......
    Fall into it...


  • So how much does HBO pay its whores, anyway?
    ~ Claris
    The Wild West - Hollywood style. Welcome to the world of corsets, naked scenes, and SAG cards during my three days on the set of Deadwood.

  • Online sex catalogues: privacy, selection, and return policies
    ~ Robyn
    A study done for the good of all. Really, academic purposes only. (Shut it, Mr. Whyt).
    Brown paper packages tied up with string...

  • What do you mean I got online when I was drunk?
    ~ Sam
    Title kinda says it all, doesn't it? Welcome to the DrunkBoy column. To be updated at certain chemically induced intervals.
    Sammy the Legend...

  • Tara's dead - get over it.
    ~ Claris
    People, this ain't the first time we've had a Sacrificial Jesse, okay? But most importantly - It's. Not. Real.
    (Plus, I think those banners were giving Glark a nervous breakdown)
    D-E-D dead!


  • The Body
    ~ Claris
    Buffy's mom died. It kicked ass. Therefore, I went to work & waxed poetic.
    Shut it. I can too be poetic.

    ~ Here's what we've done for you lately...