We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

How many Rocket Scientists does it take to install a washing machine?

Tuesday the movers (an all Israeli crew, who knew?) came and I had them drop the washer into place while I split time directing box placement and reading the instructions on how to convert the units to stacking configuration. I hooked up the hoses and ran water into a bucket to make sure the hot was really the hot and to clean out the lines. I then hooked up the hoses to the washer, and plugged it in, and removed the top to add the brackets that would restrain the dryer. I was feeling proud of myself, which is usually a sign of impending doom, when I realized that the dryer plug wouldnÕt possibly fit in the 220 electrical outlet in the wall. CA mandated a new safer outlet recently that had previously only been required in mobile homes. What? An unfunded safety requirement? In California? Unheard of! Anyway, I was basically fucked because the movers were about finished, and I needed them to lift the dryer into place. It isnÕt that heavy, but more than one person could handle. With my friends all basically an hour away, the possibility of being dryer-less for the foreseeable future loomed.

I then remembered seeing an appliance parts store about a block from my condo, and thought that I might be able to run over there and get a replacement cord before the movers finish. After giving the movers precise, detailed instructions where to place the remaining items (put boxes on balcony), I literally ran across the street to the store to get the cord. It turned out that they didnÕt have what I needed, but said another appliance store another block away would. Again with the running. Along the way I alternately reveled in the thought that I actually felt safe enough to be outside, unlike in Oakland, and felt like puking since I am really, really out of shape. The second shop had what I needed, so I ran home with the cord. Ok, by this time I was walking briskly.

I got back just as they were finishing, and started to switch out the cords. The old one had three wires in it, and the new one had four. The dryer only had three contacts to attach wires, but the store personnel told me you just double up one of the wires (the ground) and hook the rest up like normal. Wow, that seems much safer. Thank you CA.

I had the movers lift the dryer while I squeezed in to attach the vent hose and plug, and then we slid the dryer home. I tipped the movers, and began to feel proud of myself again.

So last night I decided to do a little laundry, and after gazing in awe at my shiny, newly stacked washer/dryer, turned it on. I was sure that annoying buzzing sound wasnÕt there the last time I used it, but it was two years ago. Sure enough, buzzing was pretty much all the washer would do. I soon exhausted all of my typical engineering remedies, which consist of screaming, banging on the side, and pushing every button simultaneously. Again the dark future loomed. I ran through my mind all the possible things that could cause a brand new washer to just not work, and finally came up with a theory. I just might have forgotten to turn the water on after I hooked up the hoses. The hoses that were behind the stacked and assembled washer/dryer. Curses! Not being one to admit defeat, I saw that there was a very small clearance between the top of the dryer and the ceiling in the closet. Maybe I could crawl up there and reach behind the dryer to the water valves. Maybe I could get stuck up there to be found in a few weeks by the neighbors after they notice a bad smell. I dragged out my ladder, and climbed up and over the dryer. I could just touch the valves. Yes, they were off. After a few minutes of squeezing and straining, I managed to flip both of them on. I got out of the closet, and tried the washer again. Success!

I donÕt know if I was happier that I solved my problem myself, or that I didnÕt end up as the opening scene in a future CSI episode.

"I'm going to tear all that out and redo it."
"What, are you going to make it all 220?"
"220, 221, whatever it takes."

~ Closet Buffyholic

Can we archive that with your painting/ceiling fan installation on ND.com? you can have your own little "things that can go on when moving/settling into a new place" section. *grin* ~ Claris

I still have to install my ceiling fan and paint the new place, but I learn from my own mistakes.
I do have this great idea for a bench to cover the outside air conditioner. That couldn't be too hard. ~ CB Bro

~ CB Bro
October 1, 2004

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