We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

Three hours to kill with a sane/psycho supergoddess..

My hopes are like embers lying around a fire bed and your mind is a firewalker...
In spite of all you know, you might not recognize me tomorrow...

Drift past the first rack of magazines, wrinkling my nose at Newsweek - I'm not in the mood to be socially conscious right now. There's the normal kitchzy Boston crap - Harvard sweat shirts, Red Sox hats. Gotta admit, Flight Attendant Barbie in her own clear plastic backpack got a smile - especially since it looks like her luggage is way better than mine. Wow, that's a bit depressing. Let's move on past the bevy of sugar-high-inducing material with a reminder that they are not my friend, and continue on to the books.

Now, is it worth buying the book of Timeline? Granted, it's Crichton, and that's normally a decent level of brain candy. But for $7.50 at Mann's Chinese theater, I can just let Paul Walker act it out for me in a matinee and get eye candy at the same time. (Lazy? Why yes, yes I am.) ooh! New Sword of Truth book - but only in hardcover. Damnit. I've liked what Goodkind has done with the series so far, but after the disappointments earlier this year of Crossroads of Twilight and The Elder Gods, I refuse to spend my $30 for what I'll be able to get for $8.00 in about three months...

No Toni Morrison. The last thing I need right now is something depressing. And sadly, no copies of The DaVinci Code, since so many people have mentioned it lately.


Still. Bored.


(For those of you just tuning in, Claris has issues with not doing anything for long periods of time. No, true story!)

Still Going...