We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

Park A Car, Oust An Asshole...

Claris: I'm writing an ND.com piece on F: 9/11 - you want a crosspost when I'm done?
Chrissy: ooooh
Chrissy: yes ma'am!
Chrissy: are you feeling The Rage?
Claris: I've got family in the military. One guess? *g*
Chrissy: ah
Chrissy: righto
Chrissy: I'll grab your code when you put it up

Today, I played hooky from work. (shh, don't tell my boss). I decided to head over and see Fahrenheit 9/11, the new documentary by Michael Moore - he does small, independent documentaries that have gotten, you know, a news story here and there, and some people gave him a nifty statue or two for his work. Maybe you've heard of him, I don't know.

We're going to stop here, and I shall give you a little background on myself - some of you might know this shit, but the reader new to this site - probably not.

Age : 24

Gender : Female

Official Political Affiliation : none

Gross annual income : less than $40k last year (who are you, the IRS? I'm not giving you exact numbers...)

Education : BFA in Graphic Design
(I am in fact, the first child of my generation to get a degree in my family, and the first female that I know of amongst my blood relatives to do so. My Bachelor's degree also surpasses the education level of both of my parents.)

Family's Economic Status : Po'.
(Yes, I typed that correctly. When I was growing up, there were times that Catholic Charities paid my parents' rent, and the children of the family helped pay the utilities, and yes, there were times when there weren't any utilities. So when I call us "Po'", it's 'cause we couldn't pay for the rest of the word, m'kay?)

First Job Acquired by : Age 12

Second Job Acquired by : Age 16

Most Jobs Held at One Time : Three.

Number of Jobs Held at Present : Two.
1. Graphic Designer/Art Director
2. Valet

Political Affiliation Raised Under : Republican.

Betcha weren't expecting that last one, were ya? Oh yes, kids, my parents have always voted Republican. I was taught that the Democrats were a bunch of fuck off crazies that were out to tax us all, and Clinton was a lying bastard whom we were better off without. My father served two tours in Vietnam, and the idea of a draft dodger being President didn't sit well in a house where guns of any sort (yes, even water guns) were banned because of my dad's time in the military.

You see, my family's always been fairly heavily involved with the military. My dad served. My godfather was a career military man, including Special Forces. My godfather's daughter and her fiancé are in the military right now. My brother FlyBoy is, as I type this, driving across country to report in for his first assignment in the Air Force after four years in Air Force ROTC. I myself sat down with an Air Force recruiter when I was 18 and the funding for my education had fallen through thanks to the efficiency (yes, you can say that word in your head using sarcasm) of the federal government after they "lost" my paperwork.