We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

A Series of Unfortunate Automotive Events

My life is so odd.

All I wanted to do was change out my car battery. That's it. I picked my car up from the mechanic (there were doubts as to if my problems were my starter or just a new battery - thankfully, it just needed a new battery) & trundled myself to Wal Mart, stopping to pick up my dog & my tool kit on the way. I had figured Zoey would like the ride, & why should I drive all the way back home when I'd have to bring the old battery back to WallyWorld for disposal anyway - I'd just switch it out myself in the parking lot..

Now, the Wal Mart I go to is about 20 miles from West LA. There are no Wal Marts in W. LA, and honestly sometimes it's just nice to get the hell out of the city for a few hours & be reminded that there are sections of California that don't revolve around people trying to be in the movies when they grow up. .

I got through Wal Mart fine - got the battery, actually found two bolts of really nice material on the $1 table (even the woman cutting the fabric took what was left over from the 10 yards I got of each bolt & set them aside so she could buy the rest later!), remembered to buy the present for RSG, and even found a double DVD set of Spy Games & Sneakers for $14. To me, that's a satisfactory Wal Mart experience..

Get out to the car, load everything in the back of the KIA, then pull out the toolkit & switch out my battery. It's not that hard in the first place, but it's also not the first time in my life that I'd replaced a car battery, so the worst that happened was I dropped the nut for the terminal fastener & had to go back in when I returned the old battery for disposal to pay .88 for a little package of nuts that I'll probably never use again. Whatever.

One of the things I did find amusing was the amount of guys that went, "Do you need help with that?" or, much like the guys outside of Home Depot on Sunset, "Hey Miss Lady, for $20 I'll do that for you…" Yeah, I'm good, thanks. The one thing I did notice was that I needed to get the terminals for my battery cables replaced, 'cause they were shockingly grody, even after I poured baking soda & water on them. But I figured, hey, that's a $8 part, I'll just stop in & have my mechanic do that next Saturday.

Get done, shut the hood, start 'er up - no problem.


Claris' Self-sufficiency - 1, Rest of the Cosmos, 0