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Single! Siiiingle!

If all the world were a ski resort, life would be much easier
There are few places in this world where there is no stigma attached to being single. The ski hill is a blessed haven. Skiing on your own? No problem. Wave a ski pole in the air and yell "Single! Siiiiingle!" at the top of your lungs and within moments you have a lift partner. In fact at most hills now, you even get your own lane in the lift line. Plus, you never know whom you might end up on the lift with. Okay, so I usually end up sitting next to some six-year old in the ski school whose hand and poles I have to hold as we're getting off the lift and who inevitably trips me as we're getting off said lift, but still, in theory there's always the possibility of sitting next to the gorgeous ski instructor. It could happen. And regardless of your seat mate, you usually don't have to wait in line as long, so it's actually an advantage to be single (if you don't factor in only one person paying for the gas to get there). And the best part of all? You don't feel stupid for being on your own. It's a perfect system. Why can't more of the world be set up like ski resorts?

Meanwhile, I think I need to find a less expensive apartment. One that allows cats. Don't get me started on no pet policies.


Two years later the author is pleased to say that although single, she is not quite as bitter. She is even able to be good humored about conversations such as the following:

Four-year-old niece: Auntie Sarah, do you have a husband?
Me: No.
Niece: But did you used to have a husband?
Me: No.
Niece: So is it because you haven't been able to find one?
Me: That's pretty much the problem, yes.
Niece: Oh. Well then, can you spend Christmas at our house?

She is also pleased to say that the search for a less-expensive cat-friendly apartment is over, she having recently purchased an over-priced, ridiculously small, run-down condo of her very own. But speaking of her furry friend, after a recent $600 vet bill, she is considering trying to see if cats are covered under her extended medical plan.

~ Ms. Sarah
October 13, 2004

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