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Questions about the site, comments on my articles, and general "WAASAP?"
Note to everyone - If you actually send me an e-mail that just says "WAAAASAAAAP?" I will not be pleased.

Comments on articles,suggestions on webfu sites, as well as any and all bribery being welcome. (he's a student, he can always use the money.)

Robyn can no doubt use money too, but she's only donated the one article, and I've got Sam for a weekly column. We'll see what happens once she gets past finals. Then she's slated for a rather interesting mutli-part series that ought to garner a comment or two.

Plus, if you feel the need, we've been contemplating an advice column because, well, it would seem that we're talented at solving other people's problems, we're just shit at running our own lives. So let us know. It might be neat to know that there are people whose problems suck more than ours. Okay, so they might not really suck more, but we can live in hope, okay?