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"I am *not* having the twisted words that pop unsupervised out of my mouth being plastered all across the internet..."
- Anya

One day, I found out that there was a site with all these lovely quotes by my buddy Anya (that would be where the first & last ones came from, by the way.) I went there. And read. And had fun. And was inspired, because, well, there's only two sites (and a hard copy book, but I can't get a copy of that for some reason *cough*Anya won't share*cough*),and I thought it would be neat to piss Anya off some more & start site # 3. In doing so, I made sure I quoted myself so that Anya won't decide to try revenge by quoting me back. But, well, it manifested past that. Because, you see, you, my friends, are just too fucking funny. And that needed to be preserved.
"That girl is evil. She'd set up a "Church of Anya" and start mass producing that thing as the new Holy Bible."
- Anya, on Claris and "The Eminently Quotable Anya"

So....if I contributed to it with ones of my own from you.....would that be.....wrong?
- Claris
Very wrong.
- Anya
Right. Sure. Well, now I've got Karen's e-mail, I mean, of course I'll do as you bid, my Goddess......
- Claris

hey! Why am I in there!

Dammit. It's not as fun now.
- Claris, on finding myself in Karen's quote pages

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We're all on crack, and I'm not correcting the typos.

March 15, 2005

"Claris says Hi, the traitorous bitch is sending you some quotes from me that I only vaguely recall.
I'm so damned. Very very damned."