Our sad little lives, your comic relief.

Okay, so I asked RTBS to grab me a picture of the Kum N Go for the Five Days article that I wrote. All I wanted was a picture... instead, poor Ruffy got more than he bargained for...

From: "RTBS"
To: "Claris"
Subject: Kum N Goooooooooo!
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 18:35:44 -0500

Anyway... FINALLY... here are your Kum & Go pics. (Kum & Go - Every man's dream!)

But oh the tale behind them. Because the best one to take pics of without having to get out of the car and get killed by traffic is the one just off I-80 near Waukee. And so I go after work today, pull into the lot and... great. Just great. A State Trooper has pulled an SUV over for speeding.

I figure "I best not be to conspicuous as he might think I'm taking pictures of him and/or his speeder."

I make a great effort to keep them out of the frame. Which I do. But... as I knew it would.

"Excuse me, sir? May I inquire as to what you're taking photos of?"

"Certainly Officer. My friend Claris, who lives in California and runs a web site called No Dignity.com thought the name Kum & Go was the funniest name she's ever seen for a convenience store when she was here in Iowa and I promised to take pictures of it for her to use on her Web site."

"Well, I doubt anyone would go to the effort to make up a story like that. Just make sure you don't take any pictures of me or the vehicle please.
And tell your friend..."


"Tell your friend Claris that it is kind of a funny name, isn't it?"

So there you go.

And they'll be Kuming under separate e-mails.

Enjoy and stay out of trouble.

- Ruffy