Our sad little lives, your comic relief.


Anya: Ah well. We can't all be sane.
Claris: 'cause otherwise, who would you & I make fun of, right?

why have siblings if you can't toss them under the bus from time to time? they have to be good for something.
- eiddy

Real men aren't afraid of more letters.
- CB Bro

Claris: so I hear you're making quite the nuisance of yourself at tbe Beta.
Mr. Whyt: wah?
Mr. Whyt: I'm never a nuisance
Mr. Whyt: I'm universally loved and adored
Claris: uh huh. you been poking the monkeys with a stick again, dear?
Mr. Whyt: of course not, I honestly have know idea what this is all about
Mr. Whyt: i also have no idea on how to properly use the word "know"
Claris: *snerk*

Disk is a verb now? This man has *stock options*, for the love of Pete.
- cwf

I'm going to go finish the address labeling I wasn't going to do until tomorrow and then download my iPod software. And possibly go beat unsuspecting wildlife to death with my bare hands. Perhaps.
- OzLady

Dude. That icon? You look like an Hasidic man who has had his beard taken away. And his hair inexplicably dyed blonde.
- SarahNicole

c'mon people, dance! dance! you must amuse me!
I am instant gratificato-girl.

- Closet Buffyholic

besides, who even knows if we'll want it back after the season finale? for all we know, JJ's upped his daily crack allowance and we'll all want to throw our TVs out of our upper story windows anyway. And we love our TVs.
- eiddy

Would it have been wrong to hit her with the skateboard? I mean, in the grand scheme of things.
- Lovely Poet

I could probably write a more grammatically incorrect sentence than the last one if I tried, but you know, I am beholding the spontaneous glory.
- Closet Buffyholic

You have my deepest sympathies
- venerable
I also have your coat
one day I'll remember to return it *g*

- TMorel

Because, seriously? Unless you are a rice-paddy farmer, you really don't need fifteen kids.
- Robyn

An overly ambitious and aggressive Canada goose tried to attack my car as I drove into the work complex. I feel my car might have won, if I hadn't stopped. Bloody Canadian spies.

Claris: Sam, I am so bored with life at the moment. Let's blow something up.
Sam: To the NSA agent reading this, she is just joking.

Claris: hrm. didn't I just see you? *g*
Godeater: Possibly. Like the holy spirit, I am everywhere.

OzLady: It's not that it doesn't fit. Because I do have an hour-glass figure.
Claris: It's just you got a lot of free time around noon.

The cat and I are settled in our new digs. If by settled you mean quaking under the bed in fear and totally overwhelmed by the number of boxes left to unpack. It's a toss up as to which one of us is doing the quaking and who is overwhelmed.
- Sarah

He's a warped boy, I tell you. I made him that way with years of careful mental torture and abuse.
- Anya on how to properly raise a younger brother

they will probably be less than happy about my advice. Ah well. That's why they pay me the mediocre bucks.
- Closet Buffyholic

Mr. Whyt: bah, have to get my peeper poked and prodded
Mr. Whyt: see you later, or maybe I wont see you later cause I'll have ripped my eyeballs out in frustration
Mr. Whyt: then I'll be blind and get to have a puppy
Claris: you could like, develop sonar & be like DareDevil - except better than ben affleck's acting in that one, & maybe with an actual plotline that makes sense.

Claris: hi.
OzLady41563: Hi! Don't bother me- I am posting back to you. ;-)

This is a day of seething rage and hatred. Well, it is Thursday.
- Lovely Poet

Claris:qu'est que phrenology, anyway? I was going to look it up & post the definition, but then I got distracted by a shiny nickel, and that was way more interesting
Anya: Study of the shape and protusions of the head, as it theoretically relates to intelligence or some such. It's been disproved.
Anya: (head = skull / cranium)
Anya: I have an entire universe of useless knowledge rattling around my brain. Most of it I can't easily recall without some sort of mental jab provoking it.
Claris: *thwap!*
What? I just wanted to see what would come out...
Anya: I can go home ANY TIME now.

It'd be funny if there were to be a backlash of sewing original or patterned dresses, thereby depriving these nutters of coerced income.
Hi. I've been reading Marx. :-D

- SarahNicole

HAR HAR! What a cute puppy!
Quiet too, I bet!

- Cosmic Bob
As quiet as a jackhammer carrying a bomb siren ;-)
- Moppety

I also non-verbally indicated that I wasn't interested
*pantomines screaming in horror and running away across the dance floor*

- Bastion Ridley

Yes! We continue to be unappealing to the opposite sex! Go us!
No, wait...eh, fuck it. you know what I meant. *g*
- Claris

is it irritating blonde bimbette month and no one told me?
- amberlynne

Very nice. She may live *waves sceptor*
- OzLady

i am sad about ray charles. i've always wanted to see him perform live, but never got the chance. i hope he died in peace, and not because he couldn't stand another day of the reagan coverage.
- Polgara

Also, am I a bad person if I saw the following headline and assumed that the French somehow got on the Reagan funeral schedule?
French Royalists Stage Funeral for Relic

- 'stina

Yes. Doubly so, do not prostyltize on an airliner in New York and connect it to 911. Bad, bad idea, which will result in you spending a lot of quality time with the FBI.
- Closet Buffyholic

Claris: so I just got an IM from my sister that only said, "Apparently, the baby can no longer be left on the couch alone". I'm assuming that means my nephew figured out how to crawl. *g*
Chrissy: or destroy couches with his death ray!
Claris: ya know, he's my nephew, so I wouldn't put it past him.

Now if you'd just put that tiresome genetics homework down, you'd know these things. *grin*
- Claris
Claris - Upon first reading of your post to banana, I thought you were telling her to put down her genital homework. You people have officially corrupted me.
- St. Germain

Yes, the world of building contracting is a strange and complex labyrinth where mere mortals fear to tread.
- Closet Buffyholic

Dating is a game of chess, and I like the pretty horsy pieces.
- CBBro

I've come to the conclusion that Karen has either fallen off the side of the world entirely, or that she had so much sex with James that she is unable to even crawl to the computer.
- Robyn TSH

What. The Hell. Is. that? Other than a badly shown example of what happens when you run over dear on tarmac.
- Anya

Also, do not even get me started on the pile of illogical nonsense that is this country's politics. I have to study it for one of my AS exams, and I'm about to gouge out my eyes from the irrationality of it.
- Catriona

*sigh* And since that's obviously bored you... I think it's bedtime. Need to wash up, brush my teeth and off to dream sweet dreams of revolutions and barbaric acts of violence...
- Anya

Now that Miss F is out of the picture, I look forward to calm evenings with no police intervention.
- CB Bro

He was the best non-mammal, not-actually-alive roommate a girl could have.
- Chrissy

so I'm using a new ftp, & the server asked me for a password, which it never had before.
on a whim, I used "1234"
It worked.
:rolls eyes::
I'm guessing that whoever set up the server security was a big Spaceballs fan....

- Claris
Anya: *cough* Is it a bad thing to admit I liked Spaceballs? It was such a spoofy giggle.
Claris: I did like it, but I don't think one should build server passwords based on it, esp. when most of us know the joke!

I told her last night. I said since you guys would make up like 75% of the place, you could make your own rules.
- CB Bro
and if the owners didn't like it, we could barricade ourselves in the compound like the Freemen! It'd be just like Waco! Only with a smoker and some quality meat products. And hopefully no grenades or flamethrowers.
- Closet Buffyholic
And a great deal less incest.
- CB Bro

Ever get the feeling that you live in the Roman Empire? And you keep hearing this weird creaking noise, like something is about to collapse?
- Robyn TSH

OzLady: Guess what I am doing?
Claris: um, masterbating?
OzLady: CLARIS!!!
OzLady: First of all, it's spelled masturbating.
Claris: dude, I'm working while I talk to you. It's either spell masturbating right or phytonutrients. Guess which one fell by the wayside.

So apparently Courtney and David named the new Arquette... Coco. Um, sure. As I told a coworker today "Hey, at least it's not Apple," which really is going to be the standard to which all Hollywood names are compared until an Olson Twin gets knocked up and names her kid Twinkle.
- KitCat

Okay, enough of that. Back to evildoing.
- evilaimes

May 15, 2004