We couldn't even think of a clever tagline. Move along now. Nothing to see.

FlyBoy: http://www.rotteneggs.com/se/7307.html
FlyBoy: look at that
FlyBoy: this is what we're doing right now.
Claris: FlyBoy! you're tak,ing instructions from a site that doesn't know that "Bee" has two "e"s?
FlyBoy: hahahahaha
FlyBoy: its tricky
FlyBoy: that noose doesnt go on east
FlyBoy: easy*
FlyBoy: and that fucker wakes up fgast
Claris: you frighten me.
Claris: So. two things happened voer this weekend
- I used Endust on the wood floor for the first time.
- Zoey is having traction issues.
Now, I'm no brain trust, but I'm thinking the twomight be connected....
FlyBoy: we're putting him under again.
Claris: I didn't actually READ the process.
FlyBoy: that bee is a tricky fuck
Claris: I should think so. You know that this is wrong on so MANY levels, right? ANd that you're a sick fuck?
FlyBoy: haha
FlyBoy: but its gonna be fuckin SWEET
Claris: you are MESSED.
Claris: you're taking pictures of this, aren't you? I know you
FlyBoy: of course we are
FlyBoy: we have the digital camera all set up.
FlyBoy: ok, we're doing this again
FlyBoy: fuck!
FlyBoy: he came to, AGAIN
Claris: Well how DARE he have a survival instinct!
Claris: FlyBoy, why are you torturing a bee?
FlyBoy: because
FlyBoy: i am a god.
Claris: That's a great reason.
RIIIIIIGHt. I almost believe that
FlyBoy: and also
FlyBoy: just because I can
FlyBoy: i think the question YOU need to ask YOUESELF...
FlyBoy: is WHY NOT
Claris: oh no.
Claris: Because it's MEAN>
FlyBoy: its a bee
Claris: It's never hurt you!.
Claris: ANd if it did, it would die anyway!
FlyBoy: it wouldve
FlyBoy: see, damned either way
FlyBoy: i may as well get a chuckle out of it.
Claris: you're a twisted fuck, little brother.
FlyBoy: its gonna be sweet
Claris: stop it! Stop it now! Didn't you learn anything from Timmy in the first X-Men movie? If you play with the wild nanermals, a freaky Senator turned soon to be dead gumby-mutant will rise out of the water & walk by you & Stan Lee!
FlyBoy: no
FlyBoy: this bee is ours
Claris: No, really, it's true
says who?
FlyBoy: we can make him bigger, stronger, faster
FlyBoy: he is ours to remake as we see fit
Claris: *shakes head in pity*
Yeah, 'cause THOSE plans ALWAYS turn out well. May I use....oh, say, every Marvel comic known to man as an example for that?
FlyBoy: zip it.
FlyBoy: you would laugh if you were here.
Claris: No, I really wouldn't. Remember thgat time that you & Amaranth strapped a can onto Heidi's tail & freaked her out? Which one of us three yelled at you two, then went to rescue the dog from her own tail? I think that'd be me. I'll be down for a lot of shit, dude - people, yeah, I'll screw with peoples' minds. Animals? not so much
FlyBoy: ok, i feel bad about the whole heidi thing
FlyBoy: but this... i feel no connection to this bee
FlyBoy: if we name him... then its all done.
Claris: I say his name is Oscar. HA!
Claris: Okay, I"m going running now.....because I'm a NICE animal person, & I recognize that my dog needs a run.
FlyBoy: man
Claris: Going running....
(I don't wanna be a ninja....I don't wanna be a ninja....I don't wanna be a ninja....I don't wanna be a ninja....)
FlyBoy: we fucked it up

And honestly? I was far too scared to find out what went wrong.......

~ Claris & FlyBoy
April, 2003
~ WebFu Archives