We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

This is DarkLady's world. It's an odd world, fueled by the need to finish her PhD and get the hell out of Ohio. It also involves looking at Anya and Claris with a bewildered expression because she's still not entirely sure how she ended up getting pulled into our little world...



My liberal angst
~ Darklady

The Green Bay football coaches get less armchair quarterbacking than the Kerry campaign does these days.
There will be no medals for merely surviving this campaign, only for winning it.

  • We're desperate
    ~ Darklady
    DarkLady gives some basic tips and tricks for whoring yourself out to the online dating miasma...
    You're here, I'm here. Let's establish the rules.

  • 2003
    Corporate News: We No Longer Have a Free Press
    ~ Darklady
    There's a difference between what is news and what they let you know...
    Public service or profit?

  • The Downfall of TV Repeats
    ~ DarkLady
    How Dick Wolf & Reality TV Are Destroying My Ability to Waste Time.
    No one is going to want to watch 66 hours of Survivor when we already know who won.