We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

Every so often, things come up. There are ideas, or distractions from work, or contributions to the site done by more than one person. These pieces are archived under the heading of "Insanity".

Don't worry, hon. Once you start reading, you'll understand why, trust me.



  • Group Activity!
    Things Every Girl or Guy Should Know
    ~ Particpants - our entire cast & crew. .
    I figure, let just lay it out there and be done with it, right?.
    Just a small compendium for survival...

  • It's not "soft porn" - it's "merchandising"
    ~ Claris, PDR & Godeater
    Has anyone else seen Abercrombie & Fitch lately?
    Uh... You didn't happen to direct me to a porn site, didja?

  • Group Activity!
    I gave an assignment. Some people completed it. Others - not so much
    ~ Particpants - our entire cast & crew. And Zoey.
    The Mission : 100 things about you.
    It's like peeking in the window, without being arrested.....

  • Our First Interview! Chris Golden risks answering our questions.
    ~ Claris & Sam
    Domino's Pizza, how to crash your mom's car, and Buffy vs. Batman. Oh yeah - He's got a new book too..
    Little Golden Books.....