Our sad little lives, your comic relief.


TV is destroying me emotionally.
- Sachiel

- Suzanne
As Suzanne decrees, so shall it be.
- Nails

Now I must go to work and be an adult, in my adult-clothes and adult-face. boo.
- Closet Buffyholic

I'm sorry, but anyone who's dream is to make a movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. is in need of some serious soul searching. I'm just saying...
- DarkLady

I will help him. I will write appropriately tersely worded letters and all he has to do is sign and send them.
- Closet Buffyholic
If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to hire you to do nothing but that for me. ;-)
- SarahNicole

Why yes I am evil, thanks for asking.
- Chrissy

no. i shalt not fret. i can do this. i'm wearing my new pink happy bunny socks, dammit! they declare to all the world (or whosoever should happen to lift my pant leg) that i am "cute but psycho." i can do anything!
or, ya know, i could just go get more tea.

- Polgara

I am a PERSON and I will be respected as such if they want their intestines to continue to be harbored in the caverns we loosely call their bodies.
- Anya

Hotmail is free....in the way that empty crips packets are free and church is free.:)
- Sir Chris

Well, you know I try not to dwell on the immense stretches of missing time in my past - I just chalk it up to having been on a secret mission for the government that I've been drugged into forgetting in the interest of national security ;). Though heck of I know whether it is worthwhile bothering to go to bank, just to change this pocketful of Iraqi coins I woke up with.
- Tamerlane

Somebody loves me! ;) They sent me a PM! ;) I get an error message every time I try to open it. :(
- Rachie

But if I didn't look I'd never have realised what an evil genius I am with my plan to impregnate people from all over the world.
- Prince of Lunacy
Wait a sec... didn't I share a bed with you one time? Maybe I'll pay a visit to the gynecologist on Monday.
- Nails

Maybe it's the lack of leather and long, flowing hair or the non-heavy metal soundtrack, or maybe it's even just that it's missing the satisfaction one automatically gets from watching someone go after Ben Affleck with pointy weapons...
- eiddy

This was my second riot, and as such, will never be as special to me as my first.
- CBBro

Your gender exists to present me with problems so twisted and topsy-turvy I can't even make up my mind whether they are good or bad.
That is all.

- Sam

There's been too much frivolity for my liking. This is a momentous occasion, and I feel it needs to be treated with more respect.
My Faith is coming back!!! :-)

- Amish Boy
Respect can include a thong and a wet t-shirt you know.
- Cosmic Bob
Well if you insist, but couldn't we put Eliza in that outfit instead?
- Amish Boy

I have eaten a Snickers bar. And I don't feel guilty about it, bitch.
- KitCat

Anya: I am SO fucking tired. I actually nearly fell asleep standing in the shower. And in this last sentence I had to correct no less than six works for spelling.
Claris: indeed, since you used "works"

I am so tired of hearing men golfers whine, I could puke. Suck it the fuck up, you overpaid crybabies. You fucking GOLF for a LIVING!
- Amberlynne

Maybe I should just find out where they live and go egg their houses. It1d probably be more fulfilling.
- eiddy

i might need more prodding on the actual day though.
- Polgara
Consider me here to prod!
Um...well, you know what I mean.

- DreamLurker

Sorry I didn't call back the other day. I had to hide under a blanket with my cats.
- SarahNicole

I ended up working on Charlie's Angels 2 this weekend. All I gotta say is that if you're looking for a brainless movie with lots of half-naked chicks, this is the flick for you.
- Claris
I'm taking that as a recommendation. Alas.

I think I'm going to go somewhere else & be psychotic now.
- Sam

"Well, I'm not entirely sure what we cloned it back into, so we might want to go look at it soon."
- things you can only hear in places like the dept. I was working in at UCLA

There is no god today, just the memory of a religion, an empty church whose relics are up for grabs on e-bay.
- Ogre

Amaranth: Yes, she claims she has a wedding present for us.
Claris: Sure she does. And when you're done with that, this tall guy in a black robe and a scythe left a message saying he was wondering if you wanted to play checkers on Friday night over a Mudslide or two.

Gotta blaze kids. Later. And who knows. Maybe I'll get really drunk and stupid Sunday night and do something I'll likely regret for the rest of my life.

Claris: how tempted was I to responsd, "No, M-O-O-N spells "Claris remembers waiting by the side of the road when you were drunk & had to stop to pee on the way home" - so shoosh on you about my inability to drink ;p~"
is that wrong? *g*
Anya: *lol* No, no I don't think so.

Oh, please bitch. Like he was going home with you anyway.
- eiddy

I'm all rambly. I can't help it. I have to repress it while I'm here at work, so it keeps leaking out over to the internet.
- Claris

It's like we're soulmates! Except for the part where I don't believe in that. But you know...just like that.
- Kristen

Maybe the weapons of mass destruction are just really stealthy! Or invisible like the X-men plane!
- Amberlynne

-Bastion, up to two posts a day, run Robyn TSH, run, your average is threatened
- Bastion Ridley
Wow, Bastion Ridley is here. It really must be the end of days.
- newfan

Claris: She was like, "I'm....sorry?Waassa huh?
Chrissy: I can totally picture her saying that
Claris: Yeah. I interuppted a CSI ramble too. *grin*
Chrissy: hee
Chrissy: sometimes you have to do that
Claris: Yes, indeedy. she's big on that. It's like sparkly boy action with the others, only Anya's includes a body count & biodegradible fluids.
Which, really, since it's Anya...kinda fits.

The term *inner* shipper means nothing to me. :-)

- MeeB

Kind of wish I had good advice, as my general well wishes always sound fatous and vapid. But still.
- Clarrie
clarrie If it's any consolation, I've always thought of most of what you say as fatuous and vapid.
- nails

I am trying to do six things at once. I feel that this may be too many.
- Seska

Got the fridge all set up. The salad drawer has a bottle of vodka in it, yay!
- Clarrie

I most likely won't be online during the day for a while, but never fear! I shall swoop through at night to bring about my own brand of mischief & mayhem!
(That would be the "Mwha ha ha!" Brand, by the way. Coming to a store near YOU!)

- Claris

ooh, I feel another rant coming on. I think I'll go back to napping.
- Anya

I have no idea what I'm doing, but I am a product of higher education, I'm sure I can figure it out.
Or else I hear a timely bribe will work.

- Closet Buffyholic

Oh, if there's anyone who still tapes Buffy out there, could you call my cell sometime to make arrangements to ship it to my home in CT? Mom's got the VCR programed to record it tonight so that I can see it when I get home, but I have my doubts concerning that, since she spent three months thinking that she was recording Firefly for me when actually she was recording Crossing Over With John Edwards.
- Robyn

Ah, dissertations. How I have missed you.
That was my sarcastic voice, in case you missed it.

- Seska

Narrator's the poo! Take a big whiff!
- Cosmic Bob

Well, I just destroyed the Universe. Now I wait for the yelling to start.

Eeek! Now instead of pop-ups I'm getting flooded with porn pop-ups in Kazaa. Yikes! Bad download, bad!
- DeMoriel

Also, hey, if some folks weren't jumping to conclusions they'd get no exercise at all.
- Narrator

I am pleased that Minear is remaining on "Angel" even in a consulting capacity. Because that cast needs to be trimmed down, and he is just the heartless b*astard to do it.
- Narrator

We're all here to gang up on Anya. It's so fun. And neat. And Evil. You can quote me on that.
- Karen

I have never seen a hummingbird live before. I have seen them in movies, and on TV, but never in person. It really was quite amazing to watch. It brightened my mood considerably. Of course, it could have been the potato cakes at Arbys.
- CBBro

I think I'm abusing snark.
- Leather Jacket

I'd forgotten what it was like to be a demon; I haven't been asked about my arm spikes in a couple of years, and suddenly I had to pull out all my old lame jokes.  ("Sorry, I only wear my spikes for special occasions, like beheadings and such.")
- -Polgara

it's probably time for everyone's quarterly, "this is the internet, it was designed for sharing information"
reminder.  Now, I'm not in the speeching league of St. Crispin's Day, but I'll give it a whirl.
This is the internet.
It was designed for sharing information.
The end.

- Antipodean

In general I think it'll be slow, and ultimately far from total, but I think I'm happier letting them slowly outgrow her than being the 'Your friends suck' girlfriend. I still intend to bitch though, regularly and without mercy or coherence.
- Clarrie

You know, it occurs to me that if someone is really not expecting any replies, we would do well to make sure they aren't disappointed.
- Leather Jacket

- clarrie M
(note from Claris : I'm not entirely sure that the above is "funny" per se, but I happened to be scrolling down and this caught my eye, causing me to snort water. Thanks a bunch, clarrie. And now I feel better, because scrolling also shows me that Narnian had the same reaction.)

I've tried to quit.  Nobody will let me.
- Xanderella

And then they have the gall, as I leave the site to put up a pop-up that says "You'll be back."
No. I won't. Because your site? It sucks like a hoover.

- Leather Jacket

I've lost touch with plenty of lovely people I'd very much still like to know, so I sure as hell can cut out the shitbags.
- Rachie

We can't mock clarrie any more?
I'll get me coat.

- Nails

I seem to have become inadvertantly middle class. Gosh. Possibly pod people are to blame. Crazy dreadlocked organic home woven clothes wearing vegan trust funded pod people...
- Clarrie

I got it, started composing an even duller response, and then something happened here that made me have to leave the PC.  (What?  I don't know. I don't pay that much attention to the real world.  It harshes my mellow.)
- Xanderella

So to 'splain, no there is too much, to sum up:
I have brain damage.

- Mr. Whyt

On the way to work today, I saw the following bumper sticker:

It's bigger than

Mmmkay. Well, I am glad truck-driving-morons know their geography. WHATEVER!
- Amberlynne

I was told last night that I have been completely sucked into American Idol. This observation by my wife might have come up sometime after I shouted "We have to protect the mother ship!" and grabbed the phone to cast multiple votes for Ruben.
- Mr. Willa

There's more, but I'm trying to repress it all.
- Anya

.....were it not for the fact that the last fifteen minutes involved Buffy being fantastic in the way I've wanted her to be all season, I would seriously say that this episode was the single biggest waste of my time that ME has ever shown. And I sat through all of Season Six -- that's saying a LOT.
- Robyn

Comfort, exploration, one-up-manship, life on the eve of death-arama. Really, as if anyone needs an excuse to have bad sex.
- Antipodean

Why is it that small children won't eat breakfast on days where it's YOUR turn to drop them off?

I don't want to work. I don't have a drum to bang on, but if I had one, I'd probably rather bang on it all day than working.
Hey, is that song about masturbation?

- Closet Buffyholic

it's all very confusing. I think JJ should round up his little crew right freaking now and start filming. (Provided he knows just what the hell it is he's doing) You know, do that thing 90210 did--show new eps in the summer! their ratings would rocket, and i wouldn't have to wait until September! everybody wins!
- eiddy

Claris: yeah. it's been a bang up day. RIght now, I'm thinking I might update nodignity
Anya: Sure. Go ahead, have a blast.
Anya: What are you planning on updating?
Claris: well, I have to make all the links for the frank article...and, well, yeah. There's a web-fu, and, well.....
*crickets chirping*
Anya: Oh. Good.
Claris: *ahem* right. so, what were we talking about again?

April 15, 2003