Our sad little lives, your comic relief.


Just my lowly two-cents of Canadian thoughts. (So, that means I owe YOU now, right? With the exchange rate and all...)
- Anya

Closet Buffyholic: I"m not a goober. I'm just having a really bad day. Reality is just refusing to cooperate with my vision of how things should be. Naughty, naughty reality. Going to have to hand out spankings.
- Deadboy


Huh. I was thinking about doing some, and then I stopped. Thinking about doing some work, I mean. I stopped doing that, and started back in on the great "how to kill 4 hours plan". Fortunately, we're down to 2:57 minutes left on the plan.

Go team Procrastination!
- Anya

I might be absent-minded, but I remember enough to try & not forget that when I plan things.
- Claris

But you won't take my sanity, no no no no no no. The penguins promised me you couldn't.
- Deadboy

...since when did I become this common reference for sexual savvy?

.... oh, right. February 2002. CalTech grad student. Elevator.

I'll shut up now.
- Robyn TSH

You've got plenty of time to start touching other people in a non-combat situation.
- DarkLady

Why can't I have a normal weird life like the rest of you guys?
- Claris

I went out to lunch and calmed down, but of course got irritated when I got back to the office and found she was still working here.
- Little Sister

Yuuup. that's me. finding the silver lining.

Think if I stripped off the silver lining, I could pawn it & make some extra cash? It *is* silver, after all.....
- Claris

Faith wallpaper! With torture! Woo!!!
- Seska

"I hate trying to figure men out. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. It's enough to make me wish I was gay. Or Bi. Actually, Bi rather than gay. More options that way. But, dammit, I'm NOT. And I don't think there's a 3-step program to bisexuality."
- Anya

YEAH, I was always able to "reel" in the socially inept, now I can get the minors too! great!
- Betsy

Mr. Whyt : good to hear. You all done finals now or what? Because between you & Psycho Sam, all I hear lately is boys bitching to me about studying....wah, wah, wah.... I'm just waiting for Bastion Ridley to join the "finals suck" chorus, and you three could be the beginnings of the next sparkly boy band. And you know what the Popgurls make them do in the fanfic world......*evil grin*
- Claris

you got awfully quiet this afternoon. Are they...oh my God....making you WORK? Those bastards!
- Little Sister

Dudes, don't bring the GRE words unless you know how to use them!
- DarkLady

I mean, yes, they are a malevolent, controlling, soul sucking entity but no more so than any other television network.
- Kristen

Sorry. Me. Issues. You understand. I'm just going to go in the corner & curl into a ball so I can rock back & forth mumbling to myself.....
- Claris

Awww. I'm all . . . *sob* . . . all choked up. Squee-worthy. That may be the sweetest thing you've ever said about me . . . or anybody else for that matter. :)
- Chris Golden


Just 'cause, well, you can!
- Claris

- Little Sister

Basically, the promos were written by a crack baby with only brainstem floating in a sack of bile.
- Allyson

You crazy kids still not knocked up yet? I'm telling you... it's not the frequency. You need to go like months... and then when those crazy eggs and sperm least expect it...BAMMO!

Never mind. I engaged brain.
- Anya

Godeater claiming to be sober?
ROFLMAO Oh that is so great. I really needed to be cheered up and that was just the best laugh ever
- TMorel

TMorel- Shuddup! I am sober! I may have had a night cap or...two. *cough* But I'm as sober as priest! And a damn sight more celibate! *snicker*

Hey. You know that video 'Hero' by Enrique Inglasis(sp)? Jennifer Love Hewit looks like a skank. I mean, in a good way. Mostly. I mean, she's pretty...I guess. In a boring, Hollywood way. But the boobs? They look like if I forgot to take my watch off while at play, she'd run the risk of sprining a leak or something. Hardly an attractive attribute. I mean...she'd shoot yer eye out, kid!
- Godeater

I really should have borrowed someone's self control before I went to the vending machine.
- Adina

And you know what ass tastes like? How could you have eaten a poor little donkey? betcha thought I was going to say something else
- paksenarrion

Kristen spotted him in a silver car near the Tower records on Sunset Blvd. He might live in the area. I expect Polgara to begin stalking that corner. *g*

- DarkLady
Damn. There's a corner you can stalk to see Vartan? Every time I talk to you people, I hear a new reason to move to LA.
- Claris

Okay, so today I was informed by a recruiter that I didn't get a site because my EvilOverlord.com was "too controversial" for them. It was recommended to me that I put a disclaimer on the site saying that it wasn't an actual company......riiiight...
WHAT???? what is wrong with people< like you are going to give minons to people??? WHAT??
- Betsy
So, this would probably be a bad time to tell you that I personally have two minions, huh?
- Claris
YES, that is fine, and you may even help your friends out, but show co. a website that does that, you are setting yourself up for disaster, you are not ready for mass quantities of minon assignments!!!
- Betsy

Closet Buffaholic breaks the Internet:

I logged onto westlaw.com and it told me it was out of memory. I think I've broken the internet.
- Closet Buffaholic

But, we won't use CB for research. Being how she broke the whole damn internet.
- Narrator

CB broke the Internet?

I'm telling Polgara!
- DarkLady

Closet Buffyholic Hey, I told you you could play with it, but not if you're gonna abuse it so! You think internets grow on trees??

Damn. Now I'm gonna have to get under the hood to see what's broken. *sigh*
- Polgara

We told her not to play so rough, but you know Closet Buffyholic. She's all about the rough. She has a whip and all.
- Narrator

Closet Buffyholicbroke the internet? She can't even find Texas. How could she locate the internet to break it?
- white wings

I'd send flowers, but the internet is broken.
- white wings

Going Bananas.....

Oh, by the way - thought of the day from my LiveJournal :

I have a banana to go with my dinner.

Cartoon characters everywhere tremble in fear.....mwahahahahahaaaa!
- Claris

You are *SO* strange.
- Anya

What? It's totally true!


Besides, can't you just see this little alert going off on their watches?
They check the face, & it says, "Banana peel on the loose. Use caution when pursuing arch nemesis!"
- Claris

I reiiterate my position: You are *SO* strange. So VERY strange!
- Anya

So....I found a bunch of quotes from the 2001 Vegas Party in my Red Book of Death.....*grin*

She's the one sucking 'til it smokes!
- moppety

You look ribbed for her pleasure.
- moppety

Take your friggin' socks off, stay a while....
- moppety

Did you really think I was going to use a common pin in my ass?
- Little Sister

I'm on roaming rate charges, so make it quick.
- Polgara

Oh, I'm good. You don't know how good.
- random Klingon

Can you carry these? And I'll crawl.
- Polgara

I think that Ferengi is hung.
- Polgara

She checked out the Ferengi.
- Aiglos

SarahNicole, can I touch your earlobe?
- Bastion Ridley

Well it was a lot funnier when I was kinda drunk.
- Claris

The Psycho Sam Ass series :


From now on, I turn the computer OFF before I go out and get hammered with my friends.

Because looking around, it seems I posted all SORTS of things after I got back and saw the PC on and connected to the internet.

- Psycho Sam

I what?

Oh God.

I got on AIM last night?

- Psycho Sam

Psycho Sam signed his ass over to whom?
- Monique

Monique who signed Pyshco Sam's ass?
- Mr. Whyt

Psycho Sam is an ass? I saw no sign of that!
- Narrator

What's the sign on Psycho Sam ass?
- Monique

Mebbe the sign was up Psycho Sam ass.
- Narrator

There's a sign-up for Psycho Sam's ass?
- Vanessa

*strolls into Camp, seeing conversation is focusing on Psycho Sam's ass, and strolls right back out the door*
- Evalie

Evalie has no interest in my ass?
- Psycho Sam

runs in due to insomnia and net surfing to see that Psycho Sam's ass is once again ebing flashed about camp.
Cute ass dude
runs back out, giggling
- Paksenarrion

Everybody step away from my ass with your hands in the air.
- Psycho Sam

May 13, 2002