We couldn't even think of a clever tagline. Move along now. Nothing to see.

From the first moment I heard the words "Despair.com", I knew there was a gem waiting to be oohed and ahhhed over.

I was so right.

"I've still got to go see it." Claris biatched at me, in the midst of actually doing real work that kept her hands tied and her web-browser closed.

I have no such restrictions on me. Oh yes, shitloads of work, no enthusiasm for it, and a convenient office door that closes. So, blithely, I shut the office door and opened up yea ol' browser.

I fell in love. Immediately. I found myself at Despair.com.

From the splash page, featuring the lithograph of one of their new products...Persistance: Let it go, man. It's over. -
to the sticky pads...Burnout: Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you" -
to screen savers, lithographs, calenadars, t-shirts and more. This was my nirvana. I was home! Next Christmas, I'm shopping here.

It's meant for the disillusioned. The bitter. The socially deviant. The disaffected college students >(E.G., Sam) It belongs to those in society that have been disappointed one too many times. It's that motivational message that says: Yup, you're right. Everything Sucks.

If I could work anywhere in the world... it'd have to be here. This is my niche!

Hell! I even found No Dignity.com's corporate identity...Teamwork: A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction

How perfectly perfect can it be? I feel my pessimism lifting and spirits soaring. Well, maybe not, but hey... I laughed a lot.

~ Anya
December, 2003

By odd coinkydink, I mentioned to my dear buddy RTBS that we were going to use this site for the next WebFu, and his joy was immediate - "I HAVE their stuff already!" Well then. Nothing like a customer testimonial to round out the story, wouldn't you say? Therefore, I present....

Demotivators at work
~ WebFu Archives