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Just driving by with an educational link in the interest of disseminating the latest in nature research. It's a pdf file and there is a very, very slight possibility of it not being DarkLady-safe. You were warned
- Tamerlane

Tamerlane And to think, some people question the utility of science.
- nails

Timberlake, Timbertrails Tamerlane -- That was ... interesting.
- Narrator

Tamerlane Uh ... um ... - Amish Boy

citation search comes up with nothing, but apparently homosexual behaviour is common in mallards:

Male dolphins and male Mallard ducks (as in the Village 2 ducks) often form lifelong, same-sex pair bonds. One partner will protect the other when it is injured or threatened by predators.
In the case of the death of a partner, male ducks and dolphins try to find another same-sex partner. This is often unsuccessful since most animals are already pair bonded, unless they can find another "widowed" partner

So it says here anyway.

That paper triggered a thought in my brain that's only just surfaced:

"I love my dead gay duck"

- nails

nails Wonder if you would love it if there was a pulse in that limp wing.
- Amish Boy

There's one for the quote page...
- Cate

Cate It's already a (mis)quote. Hence the quote marks.
- nails

Cate To which I followed up with the next mis-quote.
S'from Heathers.

- Amish Boy

Nails, Amish Boy ... I think you misunderstood my comment. But that's ok! I meant for the nodignity.com quote page. Or mis-quote page, if there is such a thing... but I think it's quotable.

- Cate

Cate, Nails, Amish Boy: Oh no, not to worry. Dead Gay Duck totally making it to ND.com.....
- Claris

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