Our sad little lives, your comic relief.

updated.... 7/22/02

Note to self: In future, pants and long-sleeved shirt would be a better clothing choice than shorts and sleeveless shirt when shoving cat into cat carrier.
- Lady of the Lake Sarah

OK, I got the fifth at the Bater. My brain may explode.
- Narrator
Could someone take the Narrator-Bot over to Milan Ohio so that it can be blown up?
- Mr. Whyt
Have Narrator's kidnappers demanded a ransom yet? Not that we'd necessarily pay it or anything, I'm just curious.
- Lady of the Lake Sarah

I betcha the new UPN one is serving it's appointed purpose for *someone* out there in InternetLand. Probably just one teenybopper in East Kansas, but dammit!--they're having fun posting on it...

- Loki

yes, of course :o) all bout you, and all bout me!
- Betsy
see now, if YOU know this, and I know this....why doesn't everyone ELSE know this?
- Claris
I think they do, but there is a consipracy, its the man keeping your down :o)
- Betsy

EverDawn : Oh, Joss didn't betray the gay community. He betrayed the military community. Yes, by leaving Graham in South America, he fell into the Hottie Commando Clich where you bring in a hot guy as background scenery, put him in a few episodes to boost ratings and then abandon the character to some mysterious far-off military mission, never to be heard from again. It's really cheap writing and I won't stand for it dammit. We should all protest until we get say it with me people Graham, shirtless, in leather pants, a Speedo or a wrestling singlet.
- Leather Jacket

Anya's still gone to lunch. She left at like, noon. Bitch is probably off gettin' a damn pedicure, & then she'll leave at four. You know, sometimes I wish I had an incompetent socialite lush for a boss too....
- Claris

I ended up watching BB3. First off cuz I caught a glimpse of a rather hot lookin' young woman. So I stopped. Then I saw another. And another. So I sipped my beer and waited to see if anyone was going to take a bath or go swimming. Yes, my priorities are well in order.
- Godeater

Claris: I updated the quotes page the other day...didja see? *grin*
Anya: No. I didn't.
Anya: And I'm happy to live in ignorance of quote updates. Dammit.
*several minutes of AIM pass by....*
Anya: I'm quoted here numerous times!
Claris: Yes, yes you are. ha.

In the tradition of such thought provoking questions as if a tree falls in a forest alone, does it make a sound?* comes the new, even more thought provoking question: If one must pay $900.00 and go to the Yucatan in August and the boys mother will be there, is it really a vacation?
*paraphrased for convenience

- Eiddy

The road to hell is paved with internet usage. See you there!
- DreamLurker

And customers are dumb. I'm just statin' that.
- Claris
Oh I don't even deal with them and I know that!!! Hey, look at it this way, it is just reinforcing the knowledge that you are intellecutally superior :o)
- Betsy

I swear, when I'm the most mature person in the building, something's very, very wrong
- Eiddy

Amish Boy, Xanderella -- I heard the Wankers of the World rejected his application. Even they have standards.
- Narrator


I just read your live journal about zoey yesterday.

You need help.

- Amaranth

go me. One good thing happened today, at least.
Now I just have to sit back & wait for 3 other things to crash & burn to balance out the karma.

- Claris
*nod* Seems to me that's an accurate read on karmic activity.
- Anya

Hey! Hey! No geek here. I'm a vixen. Dammit.
"Look at my outfit!"

- Little Sister

Ok, so I dropped my car off at the dealership (I am expecting a call saying, we'll take your first born son to fix your car.....")
- Betsy

Freakin' IRS. Can't trust those damn gov't employees....now if you'll excuse me, I have to go fix my resume so I can work for NASA.......
- Claris

Do I sound like a bitch, here? (I mean more so than usual.)
- Xanderella

Xanderella -- I am NOT mentally diverse. I just post that way.
- Narrator

they're letting kenickie back in here? There goes the neighborhood.
- DarkLady

Okay. let's run this down...I could possibly be living with heg, working with both him & chiquens, then living next to you?
I don't think the world is ready for this...

- Claris
- DreamLurker

So, anyway, serious Yes fans. Who, unlike us, did not miss the line on the way in that said "stop here for acid first."
- Vanessa

Whats the point of being poorly, and going home to mummy when she's banned coffee and is out of anything that involves chocolate.
- TMorel

it is a sad day when I am the one extolling patience in a conversation....indeed.
- Claris

I'm trying to do just one thing at a time, rather than overwhelm myself. It is so irritating when you think you're accomplishing that one thing and then you find out you have to saw metal.
- Vanessa

I am now the proud owner of many, many drugs. whee!
- Closet Buffaholic
Closet Buffyholic: I'm so glad you've been drugged. You needed it.
- Xanderella

Xanderella Yeah, I have to admit that I'm partially to blame. I've been hiding kenix in a mansion where I'm bringing him food and we've been practicing bad tai chi together
- Dao Jones
Dao Jones: Well those are stunning Revelations. Oh sure, it's all fun and games 'til somebody loses an eye asoul a second slayer a Glove of Myhnegon and an arm.
- Xanderella
Dao Jones : Bad girl.....you know this is all going to end in your school exploding & him walking away between two fire engines in a haze of smoke, right? *grin*
- Claris
Xanderella, Claris As usual, I see that our love is so misunderstood.
- Dao Jones

After loudly declaring that dammit, any straight guy would've turned around and come back, we concentrated on the men dressed as kabuki nuns.

Don't ask.

- Eiddy

StGermain: LMAO! "Jamie Oliver's spotted dick" just sounds soooo wrong...wrong-er than any other spotted dick convo here so far *g*
- Adri
Adri: Put down the spotted dick and walk away slowly. and wash your hands thoroughly

And suddenly, I don't feel like thinking about supper . . .

- Xanderella

Anya : aOkay, though no fault of your own... I'm bored, restless and in need of something (but I don't know what.)

That's what O
Anya : BUGGER.. new keyboard, can you tell?
Claris: I'm kinda guessing.....ergonomic?
Anya : Yes. And it's gonna be ergonomically trash soon!

Anya :That's nice, dear.
Claris: thanks. I need the patronizing
Anya : *snicker* I know.

Anya : How many calories are in a drumstick ice-cream cone, I wonder... Nestles ice-cream, waffer cone, chocolate... peanuts. Hrm.
Claris: um, a bunch, I'm gonna wager...
Anya : You're not cheering me on, here...

Happy Wednesday
- Monique
Bugger that.
- Narrator
And sod it, too.
- Xanderella
The British pod people have arrived, I see.
- St. Germain

Claris: *laughter* Now now, play nice...8grin*
Anya: I *always* play nice. At least, nice to me.
Claris: I know. That's why I'm concerned

Hello? I'm a Bronzer! Of course I went for the nekkidness.....
- Claris

Oh hush. I'm enjoying my delusions of grandeur.
- LOtL Sarah

Claris: Where did the concept of me=wantong slut when drunk come from.... I'm just curious.
Claris: wanton, rahter....'cause I'm not a wantong...I think that's a kind of Chinese food.

Hello all.

It's come to this: either I murder my parents while I sleep, or I move out for the summer.

I vote for A. But am contemplating B. But have a feeling that neither will work out, what with the 16ness and all. *sigh*

- Catriona
Catriona: Killing your parents while you sleep? I'm thinking no court could convict you!
- Rachie

Anya: I just broke Excel. Again.
Claris: ha HA!
Anya: *sigh* You're a lot of help.
Claris: Hey, if I could help, I would. But I can't, so I laugh.

*smooch* that's me. I am all about making people think. And, um, do naughty things after thinking....
- chiquens

I might have thought the the virus in question came through me (not by me, I would never waste my evil powers on something so unlikely to bring me money as a virus)........
- Vanessa

I like Pink. She's the anti-Britney. I used to think Christina Aguillar was the anti-Britney, but Christina is what would happen to Britney if Britney decided to swallow.
- Allyson

Sometimes I miss Wisconsin.

OK, nt really.

- Vanessa

OK, I have this image of a wake for Allyson at the Bater. The eulogy will go for 45 minutes. The rebuttal will take 4 1/2 hours. I mean, S2k, FSR, and the Irate Kittens alone ...
- Narrator

Claris: Emerging from the pile of whup?
DreamLurker: *sigh* no.
DreamLurker: just coming up for air
DreamLurker: believe it or not, I'm not in a Today Sucks kind of mood
DreamLurker: despite the jaw pain
Claris: ha! Dude, read that whole last part again out of context....I'd forgotten what I asked you, & it sounded baaaaaaaddd....

Gee thanks Eddie. Your blessing means so very much. Let me go shower in acid rain now.
- Little Sister

An afternoon with Bronzers...

Mom says I can have all the sex I want, but no tattoos
- Robyn TSH

You have to see my box!
- Little Sister
She has a kitty in her box...
- Claris
Hey. Speaking of kenickie...
- Megdalen

And my legs don't spread!
- Robyn TSHin reference to Barbie dolls

So I asked her, and my mom told me, " Robyn, different hymens, different lengths....."
- Robyn TSH
And I want Robyn's mommy!

Now I just think of Kenix & boxes...
- Megdalen

It's the devil, LiveJournal. The devil.
- Xanderella

July 5, 2002