We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

Meet...Anya. She is my Silent But Deadly Partner. Join others as they tremble with fear at the merest possibility of our combined powers.

Presently, Anya's reign of terror is concentrated in Toronto, where she is using the polite illusion of her Canadian citizenship to make others think she won't eventually just take over the world, and turn all the people that annoy her into hamsters to keep as pets.

They're wrong though. Anya wouldn't do that.

She'd turn them into hamsters and let them scamper into the forest. More food for the wolves. Besides...who needs that many pets?


I don't do Stupid well, but for a cause...
~ Anya
Anya goes about getting her own canine minon...I mean pet. Yes. that's the word..
The things I do for a male that won't drive me completely up the walls!

  • Old Man Winter is SO going down!
    ~ Anya
    Anya would like to respectfully demand that Old Man Winter gets his act together..
    Snow or don't snow - but bloody well decide!

  • 2003 Helpful Holiday Content
    ~ Anya
    Anya gives you the perfect card content for work or play, all in the space of about three days.
    This memo is to encourage you to shut the hell up and stay out of my way.

  • I'm Gonna Rock Your Bloody Vote if you're not careful!
    ~ Anya
    Anya attempts to do her civic duty & vote for the first time since moving.
    We're all so proud that she didn't leave any bodies behind...