Our sad little lives, your comic relief.

It's possible that we're merely a group of odd people that managed to find one another over the terrifying techonology that is the internet.

Or - this was all preordained, & we're going to inadvertently bring about the apocalypse. Either way.

  • Mitosis vs. Sex
    Sam was having...issues. So we did....absolutely nothing to help. *shrug*
    A few simple instructions...

  • The RTBS Soul WITT
    We had far too much time on our hands. Ruffy had Britney Spears enslaved after a slightly botched Hottie Excursion to Canada. Things, just... well.. happened.
    Meet Ruffy's Bestest Bud ever...

  • A Bronzer Wedding.
    Freakin Physics class. And in the end, it was all Robyn's fault.
    (But kinda worth it to see the flower girl)

  • The Hall of Scorn.
    Have I mentioned the part where things are Robyn's fault? Robyn & I make Bastion aware of the error of his ways, and traumatize some other Bronzers while we're at it.
    (And Bastion - those genetically mutated ferrets? Still haven't seen 'em.)
    Scorn on the House of Ridley...