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Claris - Hundreds of things that you probably didn't know before

1. I have often been told that I seem "too normal" to be an artist. I heard this alot when I was in college as an art major.

2. Obviously, these people didn't know me.

3. The other day, OzLady couldn't understand why I thought it was so funny that she suggested I should have my own reality TV show - just have a camera guy follow me around for a while. Acc. to her, my life's ratings would drive Anna Nicole off the air. The reason that's funny is that KitCat's been telling me that for almost a year now. Acc. to her, I'm a "one-woman sitcom".

4. I should be fixing javascript rollovers right now. I'm not!

5. The whole "Dog like thier owner" thing is incredibly applicable in the example of my household. I admit it readily.
Personality-wise, anwyay. I'm not big on chewing rawhide, and I've got opposable thumbs.

6. I really need to wash my bedding tonight. The new fitted sheet is still a bit scritchy.

7. On the one hand, I want them to use my on-call at the Snap tonight because, hey! Money & all. On the other, I'd much rather stay home so I can paint, go for a run with my dog, and talk to Anya on AIM.

8. One of my favorite memories of my friendship with Anya is standing in the hallway of her apartment with raised eyebrows while she raced around crowing ttaaaaattoooooooooooo!!!!!" the day we got ours done. If she'd still been on the PBPc at that point, they'd have made her turn in her membership for having so much fun.

9. One of my favorite memories of being with Bronzers in general was the day that we were in Toronto & Dao, Sam, Robyn, Anya & I convinced OzLady it was okay to take the bus.
somewhere, the other members of that party are reading this & laughing along with me.
She was so traumatized, she volunteered to pay for the taxi ride home herself.

10. I have a secret to admit - while I am not as yet willing to give the boy money, one by one, I keep hearing the songs off of "Justified" & downloading them from Limewire. I blame each & every one of you.

11. And just to finish the humiliation - I agree with willa.
Lance is the cutest.

12. I was recently told that someone's already trying to plan a Beta version of an LA PBfP for next President's Day Weekend.

13.Upon hearing this, I laughed.

14. A. Lot.

15. Yes, that was a space-waster. So's this. There's like a hundred, & I'm only on 15. So. Screwed.

16. My boss has this odd trust in my work. He doesn't even check to proof what I'm putting up on the server. Which, while gratifying, is also kinda fun. I mean, I could put porn up & he wouldn't know until someone told him.
Not that I would, but the knowledge that I could....

17. We have pictures of my brother having been tied to a tree with a five foot radius of roaming room when he was about three. That was my dad's version of childcare while he was raking. Neat, huh?

18. One time, my brother did something, I don't remember what, and my father walked out to yell at him. FlyBoy took off into the woods like a bat out of hell, and my dad just stood there & watched him go. I asked my dad if he was going to go after him, and he told me, "Hell no. He's gotta come home sometime. Why waste the effort?"
Ya know what? He was right.

19. Sometimes, I miss the people my parents used to be.

20. It always amuses me when Britney Spears posts at Camp.

21. The day after I turned 21, I went to buy beer, & they didn't card me for my six pack of Killian's. At first, I was disappointed, and then I wondered why I hadn't just been buying beer all along.

22. I was once woken up in the middle of the night by my nice roomate because she'd been having an illegal party in the suite while I was asleep in the other room. Since she wasn't 21 yet, I told the RA that yeah, the hard cider in the fridge as mine while about 20 people climbed out my bathroom window. They still tried to fine me for the party, even though the RA was the one that woke me out of a sound sleep. ::boggle:: I told them to go fuck themselves. Oddly enough, that worked. Go figure.

23. On Saturday, I helped a girl named Heather pick out new underwear for three hours because she hated underwear shopping so much that she hadn't been in four years, but had finally admitted defeat. I'd never met her before. I'll probably never see her again. But we had fun, I got paid, and I gave her the site address for NoDignity.com.

24. Because of those three hours, I now actually know the differences between all the bras in Snap Body. I've worked in that dept. since December, but they'd never actually bothered to train me, even though I requested it several times & cited it in my review, so honestly? I've just kind of been wingin' it. *shrug* Nobody's come back in a rage because the bra they picked was causing them some kind of deformity or pain, so I think I managed to cover the fact that I had no idea what I was doing pretty well.

25. I should be going home now, but I got here ten minutes late because I was too lazy to go get gas last night, so I was late this morning.
Therefore, I have ten minutes left.

26. I have "Higher" by Creed on my Mix II CD. I put it on there before I found out that the lead singer Scott Whasisname was a sort of pompous preachy sort. Now, I like the song, but kinda regret having it on the CD. *shrug*

27. Most likely, I will mail this to myself & finish at home. I have this feeling I'm not working tonight. *sigh*

28. I was wrong. I worked. Welcome to the next morning.

29. Everyone seems surprised when I know stuff. Do I come off as an airhead?

30. People have been estimating my age between 23 - 25 since I was 16. One of the nice things about turning 23 was that they were finally right.

31. One of my managers told me last night that I looked cute, 'cause I had my hair down. After years of being overweight, I never know what to say when people tell me things like that.

32. I once had a boy tell me that I'm gorgeous. No one had ever said anything like that to me before, and I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I think I managed to stutter out a thank you.

33. I am firmly of the belief that the "I Like Big Butts" song was really an advertising ploy by Weight Watchers so that those of us that were taunted with the lyrics would join up & go to the weekly meetings.

34. I have been to three Weight Watchers meetings. My mother had me go with her. I hated it.

35. Sometimes, I miss Amerisports. I've been thinking of looking for a new gym.

36. I have to be careful who I work out with, because I punch too hard & scare the other girls.

37. Even when I pull my punches, I can tell they're still afraid I'm going to slip & hit them.

38. I learned a long time ago that I can't afford to slip.

39. If you give me a weapon & let me watch you for fifteen minutes, I can hold my own. After about an hour of working with it myself, it's possible I'll kick your ass. I don't know why this is, I've just always been able to do it.

40. This skill is especially weird since outside of a fight, I have a tendency to trip over thin air. I also knock stuff over a lot.

41. There are days I could use a good fight so bad it makes me want to cry.

42. I've been looking at the big ass beam ceiling I have in my new apt. & wondering if I couldn't get by with a light punching bag. I just need to figure out where I can put it.

43. Any time I go to get my fortune told, I will pull the Queen of Swords. Nine times out of ten, it shows up there somewhere.

44. The last time I went to TO, Anya & I stopped in at a card reader for shits & giggles. Every so often, we'll joke about it, because acc. to the fortune teller, I'm going to meet the love of my life in my early 20s & get married & have three kids, and someone will be madly in love with me, but I'll never know it. Well, could the Madly in Love with Me step up, 'cause so far, Mr. Love Of My Life hasn't showed to claim his gift with purchase either.

45. I have cried more in the last almost-year since moving to LA than I did in the 22 years before it.

46. I only have 20k in loans after doing my degree in three years. Any time I'm with friends & that comes up, they all tend to have the same reaction - "If you weren't my friend, I'd have to hate you for that."

47. I still have to do the designs for KitCat's possible new tattoos. Will most likely start that at lunch. eye=suck.

48. When I'm painting, I forget to do other stuff. I pretty much just forget other stuff like, appointments, that I'm supposed to eat, the time-space continuim. You know. Little things.

49. I think I'm going to go to the Getty Sunday afternoon.

50. The Getty has the stairs at what is supposed to be the perfect height for climbing stairs over long distances without tiring. Like, the guy sat down & figured that out. They're these shallow little steps. I always feel a little bad about the fact that I inevitably get frustrated with how little progress I'm making trying to get up them & just start taking the steps two or three at a time because my legs are so long. People like me invalidate all the time that guy put into figuring shit like that out.

51. I talked to my mother last night, 'cause a package from my family arrived. Amongst other things, it had these three plates I threw on the wheel when I was in high school that she'd found. The two blue dinner sized plates were broken, but the third little green one survived. I didn't tell her that the other two broke because I didn't feel like listening to her fuss.

52. Last night, she asked me if my job was stable. In talking to her, I think it's possible she doesn't remember the name of the company I work for.

53. I have never told my mother that the baton twirling lessons she made me take in second grade came in handy when it was time to do quarterstaff training. I'm pretty sure that's not what she intended.

54. She put me into the baton twirling because the afterschool gymnastics program told her that I shouldn't come back because I was getting too tall & would end up getting hurt. I never managed to get a handle on the back handspring, but once again - the dive rolls came in handy in learning to fight.

55. I'm a former blond that was a cheerleader, is certified to teach aerobics, lives in LA, & has been an extra on a Hollywood set. Really, all I need to round out that resume is to log time as a stewardess.

56. In addition, I've been a security guard, & I was that student in college that would be the only person in the computer lab or painting studios at 3 in the morning. I also walk the streets of L.A. at midnight at least four days a week becuase I have street parking & we have to park in the neighborhood around the mall I work at. Honestly, if this was a horror movie, I should have died like, twenty times by now.

57. I've been off 3rd shift for a little over two years now, and I'm still more comfortable at night than I am during the day.

58. So far, I've wasted at least 45 minutes of my day. Not just on this, mind you. I also read my e-mail.

59. I found out yesterday morning that I didn't get the John Mayer interview this time around. it's not me o r NoDignity.com, it's just that he's not doing any interviews right now. But the girl at Columbia was really nice, so I sent her a thank you e, & I might send her a RL thank you note, 'cause a) she was the only one willing to explain the process to me, & b) it's a nice way to kiss ass. He's got a new album coming out soon, so she said to check back in with her then & she'd see if she can't get me in.

60. I was thinking I might try for a Bradley Cooper interview. 'cause, really, I've got nothing better to do, and then I could tell eiddy to narrow it down to three questions she wants me to ask him, & the limitations of that might make her head go 'splodey. Which would be amusing for me.

61. Acc. to another one of my Snap co-workers, I look like the kind of girl that used to work on a ranch.
Yeah, I don't get that one either.

62. I have schmutz on my black t shirt. I have no idea what it is, but it's there.

63. Sometimes I wonder if Zoey's happy with me, or if I should have just let Amaranth & Pat keep her in NH, since I work a lot. She seems content to just nap a bunch, but still. Sometimes I wonder.

64. I downloaded this Evanesence song from their Origin CD. It was mistakenly labelled as "My Immortal", but, um, it's not. I don't actually know the name of the song, but it's lovely.

65. I am the person that the record companies fear online.

66. Because of the way my desk is set up, I use my hard drive as a footrest.

67. I have never been on a real date. I don't think that the prom where my date ditched me by pretending to be sick so he could go drink with his friends counts.

68. I'm still not sorry I got up the courage to ask him, even if he did turn out to be an asshole.

69. Just once, it'd be nice to have a decent conversation with an intelligent guy, and not have him mention out of the blue towards the end how his girlfriend feels about whatever we're talking about.

70. On the other hand, I hear stories from some of the girls I work with, and sometimes wonder if I'm not better off alone.

71. I'd still like to find out what the difference is.

72. I don't drink a lot. It's a decision I made a long time ago, and I have my reasons.

73. I sat down & purposely got smashed exactly once in my life. Once again, there was a reason, and I miss him. The same day that my apt. flooded & everything went to hell was the one year anniversary of his death. So if it seemed like I was a little messed up that night, you're wrong. I was a lot messed up.

74. I know it pains my sister & her husband that my nephew will never know the man he's being named after.

75. I wish I could afford to go back to NH for Thanksgiving, because I would have liked to photograph my sister when she's pregnant.

76. I have a tendency to stare at people. Not even the whole person, just parts of them. If I'm doing that, it's not 'cause I'm being rude on purpose, it's just 'cause there was something unique about you, and after years of drawing, I tend to be fascinated by that. For instance - godeater has interesting hands. Dao has very pretty breasts, and even though I know she doesn't like to wear her hair up, Little Sister has a graceful line to her neck. It's not that I'm like, stalking you. It's just that I notice shit like that.

77. If you catch me staring, *bap!* me. It's a bad habit, & one of these days it's gonna get me trouble, I just know it. Especially in L.A.

78. If you hang out with me enough, eventually, you're going to suddenly be told, "Stop. You're sitting for me."
"For what?"
"A portrait."
"Yes, now. here, take off your clothes and wrap this sheet around you."
And if you think I'm kidding, ask Litlle Sister, 'cause I'm pretty sure that that was our conversation verbatim. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the fucking pictures we did, so the next time you're in LA, I might have you sit for me again....

79. I sing when I paint. Loudly. And a lot.

80. I never knew I was any good at it until Little Sister told me so. I just figured everybody else could do it too.

81. My love of music borders on unholy. If I were still a practicing Catholic, I'd probably be breaking the "no other gods before me" commandment.

82. I regret that my violin teacher made me learn to play by notes instead of by ear. because, really at this point, I still don't see them as notes - I see the fingerings. And if I look at a staff, & you ask me to name what note it is, I'm gonna need a sec to figure that out.

83. I love the fact that I can scroll Camp, I see Bronzers I know & love, & read about everything from exerpts of the unaired Firefly scripts to people comparing sump pump systems.

84. There are few better places in the world to be than lying on the floor in a room full of Bronzers half-awake on the person that's your human pillow, pinned down by the person that's using you as a human pillow, and just listening to everyone talk about nothing & everything.

85. When I was a kid, I realized I'd left my lunchbox on the bus when I was in kindergarden. Instead of telling my teacher, I walked myself to the principal's office & told her what happened, saying that I was on bus #14, and I'm sure if she called the bus company, the driver would find it in the fifth row back on the right. Sister Mary was so amused, she told my mother later that she was just going to resign & let me run the place.
meanwhile, my poor teacher was freaking 'cause she suddenly only had 22 kids instead of 23.

86. When I was in 5th grade, I made my gym teacher cry. This might sound mean, but she'd targeted the girls on the softball team for her wrath, and when I walked into practice that day, I got applause. When you attend a small Catholic school where the graduating 8th grade class can average 20 people - word gets around fast.

87. Same year, I knocked out my softball coach by accident 'cause we were at the batting cages & after yelling at all of us to stay away from the side nets, she was standing there, trying to, ya know, coach me. Well, a ball from a machine is a hell of a lot easier to hit, you see....and I got a good piece of it and she was right next to the net....*cough* um, yeah. That's how I knocked my coach unconscious.
Oddly enough, I spent the rest of the season as one of the first five people at bat.

88. Like I said above, I learned a long time ago that I can't afford to slip.

89. When I was in high school, I had another student trip out & just start yelling at me. I had come in on an off period to throw on the wheel, & she had issues with the fact I had centered & thrown a six inch cylinder first try. Needless to say, I was a little startled when this girl that I hadn't even been talking to walked up & asked me why I didn't just leave to go off with all the other freaks and leave the normal people alone since I was so much better than all of them anyway.

90. Things like this happened to me a couple times in high school & college. After a while, you just learn to keep your head down and not volunteer a lot. It's just easier that way.

91. I like Bronzers because I don't have to keep my head down as much.

92. This might sound odd, but outside Bronzers, I'm really not like this. Put me in a room of strangers, and I have nothing to say.

93. At some point today, I have to do the new denim wash booklet for the Snap. If you complete it, you get a thingy for jeans for $20. It won't be hard - first thing you learn about all Snap training materials is that they have an answer key in the back.

94. I'm kind of afraid of the fact that some of my Snap co-workers failed the cashiering test, but are still allowed to operate a car.

95. I'm waiting for my co-worker to go on break so I can call Anya.

96. We abuse her company's 800#. A lot. Possibly as much as four times a week.
*cough*or more

97. I don't know if I want kids. I think I'm scared of becoming my mother. Maybe I'm better off as an auntie. I have to get yarn & start on a baby blanket.

98. I knit because it gives my hands something to do when I'm not doing anything.

99. Eventually, people will disappoint you. It's not their fault, and you can't do anything it. That's just the way it is. I learned this a long time ago, but every so often I'm reminded again.

100. I sleep when I get the chance, but there have been only a few times in my life that I've gotten any rest.

I was asked by several people when they got to see part II of my 100 - I refuse to do another 100, it takes too damned long. However, since I actually asked several people to do 100 just for this, I'll do an extra 50.

101. One of my greatest regrets is that I never got to Lilith Fair. Every time it came around, I was too poor, working, had no car, or found out about it too late. But oh, to have seen Sarah in concert.....

102. The Mirrorball version of Fear is my all-time favorite Sarah song. The acoustic hidden track of "Hold On" that's on the Freedom Sessions CD is a close second. The first is incredibly electric, the other is nothing but her & a guitar. There is no pattern to my musical tastes. I am aware of this.

103. When I turned 18, I bought myself a violin & a car. The violin I traded up six months later for the acoustic I have now, and the car ended up getting totalled by my brother two years later (and it honestly wasn't his fault), but that's what I got myself when I turned 18.

104. When FlyBoy cracked up my car, I came home & found this card on the kitchen table with my name on it.... it had a pickup truck in a tree on the front, & the inside said, "I swear, I can explain everything...." Ironically enough, he saw it on the way home with my mother after getting done with the police, & figured humor might save him....

105. I also bought myself a ticket to see Riverdance at the Wang in Boston. Eileen Ivers was still playing with it then, and that actually mattered to me more than the dancers.

106. My teasing of the Sparkly Dancing Boys Girls never goes further than an indulgent smile simply because when I went to see Riverdance, I cried when I heard Eileen Ivers play "Dear Irish Boy" live.

107. I need to learn to edit my thoughts so I don't say them out loud. 'cause lately, I'll complain about something, or say an event needs to happen, & whatever I was talking about...happens. Those of you who know what I'm talking about were right there with me on the freaky-deaky, and the fear of my powers. But on the off chance they're still working....
*looks at the sky*
I'd like a million dollars. Thank you.

108. KitCat & I recently discovered a mutal love of Irish music when RSG left his CD case at my house & I was proud of him for having the first Corrs CD. She was going to come visit me in October, but now she's coming in January so we can go see Riverdance when it's in LA. 'cause we're dorks!

109. There is no discernable reason for my love of Celtic culture if one looks at my family. My entire family is German, Austrian & Hungarian. My family never emphasized Irish culture in any way, and I know that it mystifies my mother that I'm fascinated by it. Until my dad told me that he had a grandmother that was Irish (so Great-grandmother in my case) I don't know her name or what part of Ireland she's from, but it seems she just walked off the boat in NYC, & married into a German family.
My mom once said that this "whole thing" with me is that great-grandmother's fault.
I'm okay with that, really.

110. Anya & I are trying to arrange a jaunt to England, Ireland, & Scotland for the summer of 2005. (Unless we win the lottery, in which case, we'll be going the day after the lottery-winning) Anya's Mum simply asked that we plan to end in Scotland, because then by the time the authorities catch up with us, Anya has family we can stay with for free while the extradition paperwork is processed... ::innocent::

111. I have trouble not doing things. For instance, when I went to see Gangs of NY and The Matrix, I brought my knitting because I didn't have to look at it while I was watching the movie. It's quite possible I have a small case of OCD. Really, the only time I seem to be able to accomplish doing absolutely nothing is when I'm in the company of two or more Bronzers. I have issues. I know this.

112. I once had someone tell me that when I find the guy that I can be around and be comfortable around enough to not do anything while being with that person - that's the one I should stay with.
I'll let you know when that happens.

113. It's possible that going to school full time while working third shift is part of my need to "accomplish", and I've just never gotten out of that mode. I multitask on an unholy level.

114. I was the first child of my generation to get a degree in my family. Since we don't talk to my dad's brother, it's possible I'm the first female on his side to have a degree, and I know I'm the first female on my mother's side of the family to have one. And yet, I would have skipped my graduation ceremony if my grandmother wasn't there.

115. Lemme tell ya a secret that thin people don't understand - when you've spent most of your life being told that you'd "look just lovely if you lost a little weight, dear" and were basically the "heavy" child in the family your entire life, when you finally do lose weight - no matter how much you lose, or how good people tell you you look, there's still always a part of you that thinks of yourself as a fat girl.

116. Tip for all & sundry that I saw demonstrated last October, & have always wanted to share with the world at large, and was reminded of today when I went to retrieve some source material:
Old Chinese proverb say that when webmistress for site has quit, but not taken with her any of the graphics, codes or photos that she generated and legally could have walked away with since no money changed hands, but did not because she was trying to be mature, one should not get on AIM when drunk and bitch about said former webmistress to that person's best friend who actually funded the first year of your server because she was friends with your webmistress. Because most likely, Best Friend is copying & pasting everything you say into e-mails to go to Webmistress, who is also on AIM but has you blocked, and both are very busy marvelling at the latest of your bad choices.
I'm just sayin'.....

117. I don't really do well with people my age. I never have. Most of my friends are two or three years older than me, if not more. I just tend to think...older. Xanderella once told me I have the soul of a 50 year old Italian matron from Brooklyn trapped in the body of a 23 year old. Which is possibly true, since if you put me in a room with normal people my age, I have absolutely nothing to say. I spent so many years as a geek that I kind of just automatically assume that everyone is already cooler than me. *shrug*

118. I have, at times, a very bad temper. If the right switch is hit at the right time, I can rain down the holy hells of "bitchcraft", as Robyn dubbed it, having once been witness. Often, I am sorry about the way I've said things during one of those moments, but not what was said, because most likely it was something that needed to be said anyway, I just could have put it nicer. I've gotten these moments down to an occurance of about eh, once a year or so, but still. One must always be careful.

119. It is because of this that I do not often get involved in Board politics. I have been told by others that when I do, it's an event worthy of dinner & tickets, because they know it's going to be a good show that most will remember for some time to come. *shrug* I'm like Black Ops. They bring me in for special missions.

120. KitCat told me today in an e-mail that one of the things she likes about me is "you don't dick around. If you have an issue or a problem, you deal with the best you can and move on with your life ...."
I'm glad she likes that about me, 'cause the fact that I have a tendency to stand there, look at people, & go, "Well? What's your fucking deal?" - that doesn't always go over well, in my experience. But hey, today Cat, tomorrow - the WORLD! mwa ha ha ha ha

121. Sometimes, when people discuss methods of self-defense and general combat, I have to remind myself to keep quiet, because my view of it is different from others in that I will remark things such as, "The goal of any fight is to inflict the most damage to your opponent with the least injury to yourself in such a way that they cannot get up again for a long time." This statement seems to unsettle people.

122. I got two lists today that specifically mention pickles. odd.

123. I'm not big on holidays, really. I spent 4th of July moving from my studio to the one bedroom I'm in now. Same apt. complex, just a bigger apartment. I walked back & forth over the same twenty yards all day. If left to my own devices, I will happily skip my birthday, simply because, well, it's just easier that way.

124. I have at least three lists from my friends that have an item saying, "God, I'm so boring." But I don't think you're boring. 'cause if I did, you wouldn't be in the site, what with me being the person that runs the site & all. Of course, I'm a bit odd, and perhaps not the best judge of such things.

125. I'm reading an article on Howard Dean that shows him in Amherst, NH. It reminds me that if I ever meet anyone that works on The West Wing, I'm going to ask if they ever actually talked to someone from New Hampshire for some of their research. Let me be clear - I watch The West Wing - great show. But. *snort* So many of the things they show for the NH scenes are off. OFF, I say. No where in Manchester, NH is there room for the big-ass farm that Jed Bartlett supposedly has. Go about an hour or so north, and yeah. Maybe. And the govenor's daughters supposedly going to school in the Manchester, NH school system? Oh please. I really don't see that happening - that's what the uppity private schools around Concord are for. Plus, I'm sorry Mr. Sorkin, but the Manchester school district has a hell of a lot more than 1200 students. I graduated from the next town over, and we had 1200 in just the high school. Manchester has two high schools last I heard, with plans for a third - overcrowding. To the researchers on The West Wing : call me. We'll talk. 'cause everybody in NH's laughing thier asses off at you. Just so we're clear.

126. I am firmly of the belief that a good pair of jeans & sturdy boots will prepare you for most of the physical challenges one encounters in a day. It's possible that over a decade spent in New England is the reason for this philosophy, but hey. It's worked so far.

127. One of the nice things about being the company webdesigner is that no one ever questions your internet usage or even what you're doing if they see odd symbols and lots of code on your screen. For instance, I just spent the last hour coding Legalities of Ant DUIs, Blame Claris Day, and a couple more lists that came in today.

128. One of these days, I need to set up my camera to do time-lapse photography of Zoey & I while we're asleep, because I've been told that the two of us are hilarious since she sleeps under the covers with me. Of course, to do that, I'll have to read the manual for my camera first. And get a new tripod, since mine seems to have disappeared along the way.

129. I am hopelessly addicted to John Mayer's music. I do not know why this is, other than that somehow, portions of my life ended up on his CDs. I have yet to decide if I should charge him royalties for this. We'll see.

130. New CD Sept. 9th! Woo!

131. I was rather disappointed that they didn't have "Why Georgia" on the playlist at kareoke over the weekend. I liked that one even before they released it for radio play and everyone got overloaded with it. One of my other favorite Mayer songs is "Love Song for No One", but I like the live version that I downloaded where he's just rambling away at the audience before starting, because from the sound of it, someone told him, "Just...go out & stall a bit, 'kay?".

132. Sometimes, I'm kinda bitter. No, really. True story.

133. I had to stay an extra hour on Friday because I was late thanks to LA traffic twice this week, and I get paid by the hour. Therefore, I made good use of my time by using the color printer here at work to print portfolio copies of the web layouts I've done since starting here in June. Ya know, I normally feel like I'm goofing off, but in reality, it would seem I've gotten way more done than I thought, 'cause I still haven't printed them all. Which, really, is kinda neat.

134. I recently got a flyer from Bally's for a really good deal for a membership. I haven't had a gym since I left NH, which is almost a year now, and I'm thinking that for this price, it might be time to rejoin the mother ship. I'm just going to have to remind myself that I can't have the run of the place like I did at my last gym. (I had that 'cause I worked there)

135. Sometimes, I miss teaching kickboxing. But I just found out about a fencing program at UCLA, so I might be taking that up soon. Most likely the beginning of October, methinks.
For the reasoning behind this, see #39.

136. Anya bought throwing knives for me for my birthday. I know 'cause she told me. She was going to get me a sword, but it was too expensive, and I told her not to go nuts. I'm very proud of her for not doing so.

137. DarkLady probably just remarked to herself that the world is probably better off if I don't have a sword.

138. Not to worry, DarkLady - that's what eBay is for.

139. I have this feeling that in the gag reel of DarkLady's documentary, there will no doubt be me going, "Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not against sex - I'm all for sex!"
Sadly, that really does have a context in terms of Buffy....

140. Today, I was using DarkLady's insurance co. to see if I can't get a lower rate there, and when I did my customer reference, I had to pull up her website so that I'd be able to spell her name right.
Did I mention that I'm the one that designed her website, and I still couldn't remember?"?

141. I like pocketwatches. I have a pocketwatch instead of a wristwatch. I do, however, have to get the chain fixed, 'cause it broke, so I've been just putting it in my pocket, which, knowing me, means that it's only a matter of time until it disappears.

142. When I'm working at Snap, & I have a lunch break that day, I go over to Barnes & Noble, get a sandwich, select a book, read until I have to go back. Then I mentally note what page I was on, and put the book back on the shelf so that I can start from there the next time. I'm slowly reading through the Terry Pratchett collection this way.

143. If Golden read #142, he's having a small heart attack right now. Not to worry, boy-o. Your books I just buy, if for no other reason than to make you think up something clever to write in them when you sign it.

144. I have at least two inscriptions from Golden that I shall never let my mother see. It's better that way.

145. Every night, Zoey gets a new chewflip when it's bed time. (rawhide squares, for the non-dog-owners) If she thinks it should be bedtime, or if I'm reading in bed, she'll get the remains of the one from the day before, put it in her mouth, walk over & nudge me,then offer the chewflip to me, as if to say, "Mom? I need one of these, 'cept new."

146. I've been pondering a kitty for Zoey so that she'll have someone to play with when I'm not there, but it seems almost .... unnatural to just go out, and plan to have an animal, and consciously pick it out, considering my family's history with animal acquisition. In our family, pets just, well.. they just kinda... show up. Maxwell was the first animal in our family to be actually bought at a pet store. And Pat knew he was buying a dog like, three weeks ahead of time. It was all very weird. I kinda figure if I'm supposed to have a new kitty or even a puppy - one will end up in my apt. That's normally the way these things work. I sure as hell didn't plan on Zoey, and look how good we turned out, right? (Okay, well, maybe there are better examples....)

147. At this point, Mr. Whyt has the prize for the least-completed assignment turned in with his list of 32. It's because of your inability to participate that I was willing to divorce you, ya know.

148. I have no idea what I'm doing for Labor Day Weekend. If my new freelance client gets their source material to me, it's entirely possible I'm going to be working when I'm not at Snap...working.

149. If I don't slow down, this party life of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll is going to be the death of me.

150. And all a' y'all can shut it, 'cause I did a 150. ;p~



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